Review: "IKEA quartz countertop" Looks great, feels great. When you ordered from Ikea, did you have a buy a full slab or 1.5 slabs or something? Does it stain, or chipped easily? I just knew they wouldn’t look right. Some people love Caesarstone and lot’s of people do nothing but complain about them. I’m always happier with fewer seams. Ours were painted already, so the paint went over it really well. Hi- what is the countertop called? May 30, 2017 - Branding that Moves You – from holding back to standing out! I love that they are strong and easy to care for. We had the old countertops demo’ed, so the installation was pretty seamless. You can see all of their colors there and then get a price quote too. Helping you DIY your home one awesome project at a time, in DIYing· IKEA kitchen· Renovating. Find out more about browser cookies. This is a great article, and something I think needs to be communicated more often. Anyway, wondering what your thoughts are on putting this on a bathroom vanity as I have 2 bathrooms in line for renos! Beautiful kitchen! Let Her Fly is a professional branding studio specializing in brand identity design, logo design and creating one-of-a-kinds brand identities for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I think the countertop has held up beautifully and does warm up the kitchen. I ruled out butcher block fairly quickly because I was worried about having too much wood, since all the floors in my house are the original hardwood. Quartz is mainly manufactured using one of the hardest minerals on the planet. We have been to ikea and looked at the samples with our cabinets, but it is so hard to tell with a little sample!And I LOVE your kitchen! They came out and did the template, and then we had a price based on the amount. Caesastone is an up and coming contender in the quartz market. I did this to hold the side panel in place and also to give the dishwasher something to screw into. They needed the kitchen finished – including all filler pieces. Quartz or wood to match the cabinets? question: were your countertops installed by ikea’s service or did you select a different installer? I got a valuable information. Because of this, a quartz countertop will be harder and more durable than a natural stone surface such as granite. The main question is usually, “How does the price compare to granite?” Per square foot, quartz is fairly less expensive than granite. This may be a factor to consider if you are looking for a low maintenance countertop. Can you tell me the exact thickness of your countertops? Thank you so much for your comment! Love your kitchen and your blog! I’m glad you like my countertops. In my next IKEA kitchen post I will be talking about installing all the hardware. thank you for the post. The hype is all about quartz and granite. The white color adds so much brightness to my kitchen. The worktops have a 12 mm stone layer and are absolutely stunning. How to make a cheap, awesome, professional curtain rod, What everyone should know about painting perfect lines, The best way to remove thinset from a cement foundation, Mounting your TV on the wall, a video tutorial, 5 easy tips when you move into a new home, How to BEND A BASEBOARD around a tight curve, « Run cables in-wall with a PVC cable drop, Personalizing a tumbler with custom vinyl ». ?. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. i will also purchase ikea quartz…if i can make up my mind between buttermilk and organic white! Lots of time will be spent sitting at these barstools! The material we chose is called Frosty Carrina from IKEA. I had Caesarstone installed and it’s exactly 1”. I purchased both from One more thing, when IKEA has their twice a year Kitchen cabinet sale it includes the countertops for 20% off. Thanks for sharing useful information with us. Here’s our sink and wrap-around counter being slid into place. The IKEA countertops we ended up with are just over one inch thick. Yes, the installers they sent did a great job. i ask because there are some who say installers may use plywood as an underlayment which seems right, but sounds like more work thanks again. Did you just pay for the exact amount you needed? Did you need to do any extra support for the countertop on the island where the barstools are? When I started my kitchen renovation last winter, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go with butcher block countertops, stone or laminate. Most people don’t know this but you can buy Caesarstone countertops at IKEA. The product is incredibly porous and sensitive. Ultimately I went with honed marble. Work! (function(d, s, id) { Lovely, I never know that Ikea have this service, is the price good? I’m not exactly sure how it works. Purchased a whole Ikea kitchen this March, including the quartz countertops. Hi there! Oh no, they do have a slight yellow undertone. They gave me the 15% back, no questions asked. The quartz countertops offered by Ikea are actually manufactured by Caesarstone, a leader in the countertop industry, but you purchase through Ikea along with the rest of your kitchen (and, yes, get a discount if you catch one of their awesome sales). IKEA advertises them as 1 1/2” (3CM), and as 1 1/4” in another place, and 3cm is actually 1.181 inches… I have a tight squeeze under molding from a beadboard wall that I hope to fit and it’s down to these tiny increments! Thanks! For countertops, IKEA offers a variety of wood and laminate options. If a spot still won’t come out, allow the lemon essential oil or cleaner sit for about 10 minutes before wiping it away. He suggested to do another one for soap, but I didn’t want extra holes in my new counter. Your email address will not be published. Reason I ask so many question is that I have kids and i want low maintenance as possible. I think it would be just beautiful in the bathroom. Do think it will work? Thank you for sharing it with us and keep blogging!! Our builtin dishwasher abuts a blind corner next to our peninsula. We ordered our quartz counter tops, which I wrote a review about, from IKEA. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Hi there! Here is a list of 5 reasons, which justify why you shouldn’t purchase granite countertops at IKEA. Hello, I’m Lisa. I just got new white Caesarstone countertops during the March sale and I believe it was either $60 or $69 per square foot and then 20% off that. The day they were installed, I sealed them after the installers sealed them. Ikea quartz countertops are offered in 3/4″ and 1 and 1/4″ thickness. The one below is to the right of the stove and is our coffee area. It also sells quartz countertops by Caesarstone that are custom made for each project and can include a sink cut-out. I think it’s not for 99% of owners because they stress over etching and marble etches. They aren’t a brand that I would recommend based on what I have been told by multiple fabricators. Calgary, Alberta, Canada Start at the VERY beginning of our WHOLE-HOUSE renovation: Hubby was adamantly against all white kitchen at the time. I would highly recommend them, especially if you can snag them during one of their kitchen sales, like I did. and i like the pencil edge but my mom wants bullnose for safety. Unfortunately, IKEA is not the best place available out there to purchase granite countertops. Does the off-white bother you? I walked away with over $300 cash in my pocket. They typically go by centimeters and IKEA offers 2 and 3 centimeter options. What type of paint did you use to paint your cabinets and did you sand them all first? They cost $69 per square foot, BUT, and this the exciting part, a couple weeks after I purchased them I happened to be at IKEA again and saw they were ON SALE! Their quartz countertops are one of the highest quality and most durable quartz countertops on the market. Hi! How did you guys accomplish this? Can I get a holla?! Your unfussy nature tells me you’d be equally fine with the imperfections, though for filming, not so sure it would work as well. When I went to IKEA to look at the sinks, faucets and counters, I wasn’t prepared for so many choices. You’ll end up with a quality countertop that will last for years at a lower price than what you’d pay … Are you still happy with your countertops? I opted to have only one hole drilled. What did you use to counter lever the overhang? fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); They are heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and durable enough to last a lifetime if treated properly. The price for the marble was $65/square foot. But, as I just mentione… But I have a friend who seals her un-honed marble once a week and is obsessive about dish rags catching everything. Boost your confidence, your impact, and your bottom line. When demand is high, prices often go up. Ikea Laminate 14*$34=$476 Ikea Cesarstone 14*$100= $1400 I emailed 10 shops from Kijiji ads and they quoted $1450-$1500 for the cheapest Quartz. I guess I assumed they would just measure a lot and then transpose it to the countertops, but they used these real templates as stencils to cut the counters perfectly. Hi, I was wondering which shade/color are the countertops? A favorite premium countertop material by kitchen and bathroom designers, quartz is often confused with natural stone and solid surface countertop materials. Anyway, long comment to say your home is lovely. Here’s a cool view from our cat-walk. Yours looks more white. I am thrilled that they were able to do the mini countertop on the same slab and reduce the number of seams in the kitchen. Then he took a utility knife and easily cut the excess off. The cost depends on the thickness and color. I was wondering if I can get your honest opinion about ikea quartz countertop, and what is your experience the countertop? LOVE your kitchen! However, since it’s only been on the market a short time, there aren’t many reviews of the new model out there yet. You may want to sand them a little. Your email address will not be published. Hello! Dozens of different looks are available, ranging from granite and marble … Oh the excitement of seeing this finally and being able to visualize sitting here! Absolutely GORGEOUS! Find more about me here. Did IKEA do a good job installing? The first one to go on was our island overhang. As of the last few years, the quartz industry has seen a massive boom. I was wondering what you installed over the dishwasher? Hi. The difference? Hi! 3cm should be about 1-3/16”. The purchase included free installation, so that part was all taken care of. Well, my smart sister said I should just go to customer service and see if they would honor the sale retroactively. I already love it. I love the imperfect look. But do not buy any light colored countertop unless you plan on never touching it. For a stubborn spot, lemon essential oil or Soft Scrub with bleach takes it right out. We chose the 1 and 1/4″ (3 cm) for the cost savings. HAMMARP oak is the only solid wood countertop IKEA offers; the rest are made out of a particle board with a top layer of wood, such as KARLBY birch, PINNARP ash, SKOSGÅ oak, BARKABODA walnut, etc. We have light gray cabinet and we are considering doing ocean foam as well, I hope it goes with our cabinets. We had three separate countertop areas. I priced countertops at several different places. Our house is old and uneven, so it wasn’t super straightforward either. I am wondering did you put the tiles on the wall before installing the sink or did you put them afterwards My heart sunk. We are in the midst of an Ikea kitchen install (wish we had found your blog sooner btw). Does your off white have more of a yellow undertone? That’s why new quartz colors or popular styles are often much more expensive than basic options. I wanted to show that you can see the kitchen from the 2nd floor. I mostly only use water and a microfiber cloth to shine them right up. Required fields are marked *. Caesarstone said they don’t make it in this thickness. Since quartz is man-made, the manufacturers can set the prices competitively. Before they came to install the IKEA quartz countertops, my cousin measured the area where the farmhouse sink would sit, and cut the front of the cabinets to size. They got it all level though and we just used some trim in front to cover the plywood. LOVE THEM! This was by far the biggest expense of the kitchen, but, oh my, was it worth it. Finding beauty in our everyday life in the farmhouse. I’m so glad you’re here! However, all the side and filler pieces on the lower cabinets were completely ready before the countertop company came out. They used strips of balsa wood. A Review of Our IKEA Quartz Countertops When I started my kitchen renovation last winter, I couldn't decide if I wanted to go with butcher block countertops, stone or laminate. Lisa, What do you mean by trim? Yes, that was installed. I have debated with quartz vs granite because of the price difference, but ultimately love the simpleness of quartz. I’m over an hour away from my nearest Ikea and they will be charging me a travel cost as well. Pros: Quartz survived a gauntlet of spills, hot pots, knives, and more with top scores, and it doesn't have to be sealed for stain protection. I’ll be ordering mine in a couple of days and was going for an all white kitchen. I love your kitchen and home aesthetic, but I was surprised you went with quartz and wanted to know why. We are going to order the ocean foam counter, but not sure how it will look with the cabinets. It’s not the first one I’ve found 🙁, I think granite kitchen worktops looks awesome. Ikea countertops are offered as made-to measure slabs and the price includes installation. So I paid upfront in March, my order measurements were sent to subcontractor, sub came out to laser measure like a month or so later, and finally after over two months installed. It is just a very thin little piece of wood that is an inch wide. I’m trying to compare prices with Ikea countertops and our contractor’s place and wondering if your 6000 for counters included installation? I wasn’t sure how they would do it, and watching the guy work was enlightening. Once reserved for high-end homes, quartz countertops are finding their way into more and more kitchens and bathrooms as brand offerings expand and the material becomes more accessible and affordable. Thanks! I was up late the night before finishing little details at the last minute. Thank you for your reply! They didn’t need every aspect of the kitchen finished, but wherever the countertop was going to touch cabinets or filler, those areas needed to be 100% finished. The cost of installation is included in the price of IKEA countertops. I was kind of thinking I was stuck with the stains forever, but with a little dab of this stuff it came off without a problem. Here is the countertop to the left of the stove and is our lazy susan, sink, and mini wrap-around counter area. Excellent choice! So. It sold really quickly. We intentionally aren’t numbering this list since all of these brands have good reviews, offer their own pros, cons, and unique styles. 🙂. I wasn’t used to hard countertops and, at first, we broke a few dishes. I knew I wanted something neutral that would work well with my farmhouse style, but I had to consider budget, durability and maintenance. As you can see in these photos, areas like the pantry and upper cabinets are not finished with all the filler, but since the counter wasn’t going to touch those areas we didn’t need them complete. There has been one review written after another about the quality of the quartz countertops purchased at IKEA, and the majority of customers have been more than satisfied with their purchase. Reviews are mixed for them. Having said that, there are plenty of manufacturers who could arguably be named the best brand of quartz countertops. The frosty carrina counter was installed yesterday and it looks grey not creamy like my sample or what I saw at Ikea. We can do it for you. Your kitchen looks so beautiful. Hi! When the sink racks were the wrong size Blake delivered them personally to my home.. IKEA sells a brand of quartz countertops called Caesarstone. The color is a true white, not cream or ivory, with specks of gray. We love them!! Have a wonderful week! We went with the color ocean foam and we opted to not do the beveled edges. Beautiful kitchen! Also, are those metal pieces on the top (not across) some of the sides of the cabinets meant to be to support the countertop? They also installed the under-mount sink. I was glad to have the chance to see yours first before I switched out mine. After finding out about the prices of IKEA countertops, we decided to go take a look at the options there. I hate having a divided sink. If I had only waited a couple more weeks to order them, they would have been 15% off. We didn’t because quartz is very strong, but when we did granite we did. The IKEA website uses cookies, which make the site simpler to use. Much. New to this series? Ruvati 33-inch Low-Divide Undermount Tight Radius 60/40 Double Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink - RVH7419. We sold our house last January, so we no longer have these countertops, but I feel they were a major selling feature for our home. I forgot to mention, when they did the template, they took the sink back to the shop with them to make sure they had a perfect fit before coming back to install everything. Kind regard Ragga. I just screwed it in with some L brackets on either side. Looks so nice! Our little coffee area only needed one piece. js.src = "//"; They were slightly more expensive than granite, but in a kitchen with little counter space, I knew we could swing it. We are doing open shelving up top with white subway tile and the lower cabinets will be Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. The lack of PM opportunities for this is frustrating Do you still like your countertops? We needed about 50 square feet total, so we spent about $3,000 on our new IKEA countertops. Love your Kitchen Series-IKEA Countertops Countertops get a lot of attention these days. We construct our quartz countertops with natural quartz crystals (one of the hardest materials in nature) and high-quality polymer resins which make the surface smooth, non-porous and easy to keep clean. Filed Under: DIYing, IKEA kitchen, Renovating Tagged With: custom ikea, custom ikea island, frosty carrina, grimslov, IKEA, ikea countertops, IKEA kitchen, sektion. You can see how he made the small section for the wrap-around counter. Spring Farmhouse Decorating Ideas- Entryway. One week later as promised… and I saved a lot of money .. Quartz countertops look fantastic. We just used the smallest thing available that would cover up the gap between the counter and the cabinets. It looks like 18″ or so. Does it look high end? I liked that they wouldn’t need any regular care or upkeep, and they were supposed to be relatively indestructible. Yes, the $6k is for the counters, the prep, and the install. View our ratings and reviews and browse our buying guide to find the best countertops., Hi Lisa, I’m getting 404 not found errors on a lot of web links in your farmouse part of your site. I follow you on Instagram. The Ikea granite countertops are not fabricated The granite countertops that you can purchase from IKEA are not fabricated. And, are you near an Ikea? I love the colors of their countertops as they give you many different options to choose from, so there is definitely one that will fit your project! Ordered quartz countertops for bathroom & kitchen.. Blake was my salesperson.. Rocky came on time measured everything- answered any questions I had & the job came out perfect!!! Could you pls mention how many inches overhang you have on your kitchen island? We have granite in our kitchen that we remodeled 2 years ago. So, I would say 1/4" by 1 inch. They also gave us their 3rd party company that installs the counters and told us to call them when we were ready to schedule the templating. ~karen. Did you use the Grimslov Off-White Doors/Drawer fronts? var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; They were running a 15% off kitchen sale, so we brought ours home for $60 per square foot. Does IKEA have 36″ deep countertops for a peninsula? Ikea did not recommend or give us anything to install on top. I don’t know if it’s just holding the seams together tightly while glue dries, or if it heats it or what, but the seams are tight after this. Even the yellow snot my 4 year old sneezes onto the countertop makes it stain. This is my first visit to your blog!! When we ordered our kitchen through IKEA we told them we wanted to purchase the countertops also. What paint color is on your walls? From scratch recipes, natural living tips, Here are all the posts in our IKEA kitchen series: Building your own custom IKEA kitchen || the planning & ordering process, Assembling and installing IKEA Sektion kitchen cabinets, Adding plug outlets inside IKEA pantries || IKEA sektion renovation, Pull-outs & Lazy Susans || Custom Organization in our IKEA Kitchen, Everything you want to know about building a custom IKEA kitchen island, Create Custom Canned Goods Storage from IKEA Cabinets, Creating a wrap-around cabinet & moving the dishwasher, Installing IKEA quarts countertops – Frosty Carrina, How to install hardware like a Pro – IKEA kitchen renovation, Installing new pendant lighting in our custom IKEA kitchen. I’m loving the faucet and sink. I wouldn’t have the patience to do a project like this I’m afraid. Other than the obvious: material and ever… Great article! The 3/4″ ocean foam IKEA quartz countertops that we bought for our home were $69 per square foot. This kitchen is starting to take shape and I am more than excited about it! With the stone’s hard surface, they feel plenty substantial and durable. We purchased IKEA countertops for our farmhouse kitchen renovation. We paid $6000 for ours. We’re sharing 4 of the best IKEA countertops available! We are super happy with them and am glad we purchased them through IKEA. I just used cabinet enamel from Lowe’s. It still seemed like the most economical option. and handmade projects straight to your inbox. When you choose a quartz countertop you get a work surface that’s extremely durable. Countertop Ratings The price seemed comparable to quartz at other places. Is there a way to do Quartz for $1000 ? Mer, yay! We chose the 1 and 1/4″ (3 cm) for the cost savings. That one above is one… not sure if the link just needs to be updated or what, but thought you’d like to know. Either laminate or wood, IKEA offers a wide variety of styles, texture effects, etc. The best countertop materials are durable and come in a variety of colors and designs. Required fields are marked *. For the island, he templated the entire island surface and also the overhang for the counter. We offer all the services you need to get your new kitchen, from measuring and planning to assembly and installation.
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